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Our market research shows the top four reasons our customers recommend Brilliant Bob products to family and friends are function (81%), price (42%), convenience (34%) and durability (31%).

The WeatherBuster™
All-Season, Windshield Sun Screen Shields, Covers

Beat the heat and the snow! By attaching the all-season WeatherBuster to your windshield, you protect your vehicle's interior from the sun's damaging rays and reduce the time you spend scraping frost and ice. Our WeatherBuster windshield sun screen, shades and reflects the heat from your auto interior and puts a layer of protection between your windshield and frost.

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The BobbyBagger
Sweeping. Raking. It's in the bag!

The BobbyBagger makes yard clean up a snap. Whether sweeping floors or raking lawns, the BobbyBagger is perfect for brushing debris into a trash bag and is more efficient than a dustpan or shovel. The BobbyBagger does more than hold open a trash bag or liner - it provides an easy way for one person to transfer a mess from the floor into the trashbin. The perfect janitorial assistant!.

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RapidFix Glue
Beyond Super Glue!

The RapidFix combination of an instant adhesive plus a welding powder is an incredible tool that repairs almost anything.

Professional Quality High-Strength - Bonds In Seconds - Will Not Dry Out In Container - Dries Clear!

You save time and money!

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